Monday, September 2, 2013

Explosion of glory

Yesterday  Brian Fisher talked about Genesis at Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas.

It was an incredible lesson on the evidence of the existence of God. All of it was riveting but one part really hit home with me.

While Brian talked about proving the existence of God, he noted that every believer at some point has doubts. Doubts creep in and you wonder, "Is there really a God??" or if you're me, it sounds something like, "What if there is no God? What if it's the biggest hoax and you're the most gullible thing in the world to fall for it."

And in that moment it struck me that I've been waging war against this very attack. And in a split second it became clear why at this particular time the battle seems more fierce than ever.

When someone you love dearly, you talk to everyday, you laugh with and share life with suddenly dies, you come face to face with this very question. It starts out with, "where is he? Is he really in Heaven? What's he doing there?" and it's quiet and sneaky. And it turns into "you know there's no Heaven. You know that's not real." And before long you are plunged head first into a battle to hang on to your belief in an eternity with God.

And in that same second, I realized that Satan wages this war because he's mad. It is in the death of a believer that Satan is conquered. It is in that VERY second, when a secure soul leaves this earth and is in the presence of Christ that Satan realizes he lost another soul to Christ.

When my dad was dying, I could feel the brokenness of the situation. I could feel how very wrong it was for a human to die. We were not made to die. We were made to be eternal with God. But when sin entered the world, death entered. And Satan thought he'd won. But when a believer dies, that's the instant Satan is reminded he was conquered. And I believe, when that victory was won, and my dad went to be with his Savior, it was as if Satan turned his attack to the surviving, broken hearted family. He uses this opportunity to attempt to steal, kill, and destroy us.

And yes, it is when I wake up (and sometimes never really go to sleep) that I begin my battle. I hear the voice, I hear the doubt, I dig my heels in for the waves of sadness and fear and my response is the same. We sang it at my dad's funeral and I hear the words coming from my lips when I feel the wind knocked out of me. Even when I doubt, IN my doubt, I will say:

                Still my soul will sing Your praise unending
                       Ten thousand years and then forevermore
                                    Bless the Lord, O my soul
                                     O my soul
                               Worship His holy name
                               Sing like never before
                                    O my soul
                            I'll worship Your holy name

So everyone has had a moment of doubt... it doesn't mean you aren't a Christian. It doesn't mean you don't love God enough. Brian gave us 5 points he reminds himself of when the doubt begins to creep in. They're good and now a part of my arsenal.

I encourage you to check out the sermon HERE for more.. much more. (these notes are from the 9/1 sermon.) follow the series with us.


joy said...

Oh, yeah, those doubts are real and those thoughts do come. But I know ALL God's promises are true and when those thoughts, fears, and doubts come, I remember
"We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ."

Anonymous said...

There would be no reason for faith without doubt!

DebC said...

I wondered upon your blog just in random searches looking for art journaling inspiration and seen a page of yours and clicked it. I am so happy i did. After reading this touching post i seriously was in tears and still am choked up. My father who means the world to me has suffered several severe heart attacks and triple bypass. Each time i hear the phone ring i am scared they will tell me he was rushed to the hospital again and i know the day will come when ii get that call and it will have been too much for him finally and that is going to kill me. Your post gives me hope that when it does happen i won't have lose faith.
Deb C