Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"An Ambush," said Owl, "is a sort of Surprise."

For a birthday of mine a couple years ago, my husband made me an owl house. I wrote about it here:

Each year, our owl comes back, sets up shop then leaves during the winter. I understand that male owls have to have a home to show a potential female. If she approves, bingo. Owls are pretty smart, huh? :)

Recently a pesky squirrel decided to move in while Mr. Owl was away at his winter home. I warned the squirrel. I even hosed the guy with a water hose to make him move on. He didn't.

Mr. Owl is back. and he dominated.


We have enjoyed watching our owl. The owl house was easy to make,  here are some instructions:

 Owls are AWESOME rodent eliminators, screech owls in particular love those big tree roaches (shudder!!) that fact alone makes him my new best friend. And makes we want to set up 78 more owl houses. {{{{still got the willies}}}} tree roaches are demonic. In case you didn't know. Here's a few pictures I snapped this morning. He's been keeping watch over the tile guys comings and goings.....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weird kitkats and bagels.

I know I am weird and this I accept- but recently my husband has been pestering me to post about a particular weirdness of mine.

So, here it is.

I normally work at home surrounded by tiny, needy but lovely, humans-in-training. Not alot of conversing happening. So things I think upon usually just turn out to be a conversation with myself. I often find I don't express where or what or why I am doing things.

But lately, I ditched my lovely family and went to work in Round Top, Texas at Marburger and surrounded myself with intelligent talkative adults. Adults with ALLLL kinds of thought patterns. Interesting. :)

Here are a few of the AWESOME people who tolerate me for a couple weeks twice a year:

The hardworking porters Rodney and Nick:

My boss sits here but wont let me take her picture. So imagine a very pretty, sweet lady sitting across from me here:

The sheriff's officers and Brad's daughter Bailey:

And operations manager Brad. (I adore his entire family!)

One day in the office, my boss' teenage daughter walked by and expressed her love of kitkats. She rummaged through the candy bowl until she found a kitkat. Well, I don't like kitkats. Haven't for YEARS. bleh.

But several weeks, months? ago I decided I STINK at empathy. My son rocks at it and I really really stink. I mean I am really awful with empathy. And a while back as I thought/prayed about my stink empathy abilities I thought about people who use tricks to remember names. Red hair, Reba... etc... I decided to make up an empathy exercise.

Still with me?

So I decided that in order to put myself in someone elses' shoes, I'd try foods they liked. Even if I hated them. Maybe Id discover new likes as well as put my mind in a place to think about a person and why they like that item, etc...

So, boss' daughter liking kitkats, meant, I'd try a kitkat. still bleh. BUT now when I see or smell or taste kitkats, I think about her. And pray for her.

All of this had been just happening in my own head. Until one morning I saw my sister make her coffee and it was what I call a "frufru" coffee. Flavored. yeck.

But, I'm exercising my empathy vein so I try it. and I LOVE IT. weird. but I did. Being that she's a conversable adult and it's my rare opportunity to speak up about things rolling around in my head, I walked in her room and told her I tried her coffee and I liked it. She asked me what made me try it. I explained my new empathy strategy. She smiled. I assumed she thought, WWWWEEEEEIIIIIRDDDDOOOOO... but she's used to me... so nothing new there.

Now, macadamia nut coffee reminds me of my sister and I pray for her when I smell or taste it.

And today, my sister called me and told me that earlier she had to run an errand for a friend and pick up that friend's breakfast.
The friend had ordered a really strange concoction of bagel and peaches and something else. She immediately thought. REALLY?? But then, she ordered the same for herself. To try to put herself in his shoes and see what it was that he liked. and guess what? She liked it. But MORE than that, she said that taste will forever remind her to pray for that friend.

Empathy exercise? maybe? definitely an exercise in getting outside of yourself, trying something new, and remembering to pray for someone.