Saturday, May 11, 2013

A common ailment no amount of hand sanitizer can protect against

Entitlement. Lord, how I even hate the word.

We struggle and fight and try to smash that ugly entitlement bug that creeps into our every day lives but how very invasive it is in today's world.

I feel like we are standing firm against a wave that reaches five feet above our heads.

Our kids are inundated with a world that spoon feeds them the idea that they "deserve" the newest shoes. and the "everyone else has the new game system"...etc...

When I came across this lady's blog post I did an out loud "AMEN SISTER!" and a air high five. to which I may or may not have promptly returned to myself. :)

Please, take a second and read her post. It was very encouraging in a very overwhelming time to raise kids.

We are not alone in this battle!