Thursday, August 8, 2013

High fives and heat strokes

When Tim and I began to try to "shape up" and lose weight I fully embraced the "lose weight" part and thought, either he's joking about the "shape up" or he will forget about that part.

Neither was true.  He began to "shape up". He started doing a workout program called Tap Out at home and then moved to jogging. When he started jogging often, I was all, "ah hecks no! I'm on to this "shape up plan"! It is really the "I have to get healthy so I need to go be alone doing whatever I please for an hour every day" plan. jig is up, dude!

Not to be the only one left home with three crazy kids under 7 yrs old, I started my own "shape up plan". I needed to jog too. Yes. That's it. I mean, just to be fair and all. I stay with the kids while Tim "jogs" and then it's his turn. I wouldn't want to cheat him out of quality time with the kids, so,  I'm going jogging. See you in an hour buddy!

When Tim started jogging, he was like, "wow! I feel great! I could jog for hours. I just loooveee running!"

So when I started with my new running shoes and head phones, I thought I'd feel the exact same way but better. Cause that's how I roll.

But HOLY CRAP. I jogged to the end of the block and laid down. I might have taken a nap. or passed out.

After MONTHS of jogging (read: needing my ALONE time!) I approached a friend who jogs, about how hard it was. She laughed and issued a challenge. 5 miles. She said pretty much in a nice way, "you're a weenie if you can't do 5 miles."

So, I pushed myself that next week. I did 5 miles and had a slight heat stroke. I am sure of it. I swore I'd never run that far again unless there was a zombie closing in on me.

But after a while, I started doing 5.5 miles once a week and weeks later, it's now my every run. I'm not saying it's fast or anything. Don't get me wrong. I certainly wouldn't want to cheat Tim out of his "quality time" with the kids. :)

And guess what?? I still hate jogging. It's still HARD. I just do it. I haven't fallen in love with running. It's hard to get up at 6am to jog before the oppressive Texas heat attempts to take my life. But here comes the point:

Why don't other people encourage joggers? Instead of getting annoyed and trying to run them over at 4 way stops, why don't they cheer folks on? It's HARD, people. I have often found myself giving a thumbs up to a runner who looks like they are swallowing a dead cat. I try to encourage with a wave or a smile. Or even a "you go girl!" or two...

I have been SHOCKED at how very few people see a stranger struggling to better themselves and are annoyed to have to wait for them to run across the cross walk.

But lately, I have been running my route opposite. Not backwards (way too clumsy for that) but in reverse order. And I have been routinely passing an older gentleman out for a walk. I am talking early in the morning, up with the owls, early.

And you know what this gentleman does to EVERY passing jogger/walker/runner? He SMILES, says, "good morning!' and puts his hand out for a high five.

At first I was like, "akkk! Are you trying to hit me??!" and then quickly disguise the flinch/jump/fear overreaction. He just wanted to ENCOURAGE me. not mug me. I awkwardly returned his high five, feeling silly and childish.

But, the next time, I was ready. I high fived him. And now, I can't wait to see him. What an incredible difference his presence makes on my jogs.

Can we all agree to high five each other as we jog/walk/run by other fitness maniacs? If we can do this can you IMAGINE how much more fun we'd have??

I'm in. Operation encourage crazy-work-out-freaks in the 105 degree Texas heat is ON!