Sunday, March 16, 2014

There's One Called Stress-Away??! Yes, Please.

Many of you know that recently I have been researching essential oils. I wrote about my first experience here and that running vomit drills caused me to go out of my mind in search of a solution to stomach bugs.

As I researched this wild and, let's just call it what it is, hippyish world, I found out there was quite a trend forming. The more I learned, the more I saw that it was quite "trendy" and acceptable to use essential oils in everyday life to ward off illnesses, calm emotions (SIGN ME UP) and even regrow hair. I mean, you name an ailment, and there is an oil to address it. So as I researched and found out there were parties and facebook clubs dedicated to essential oils, my natural born rebellion reared it's precious little head.

Let me pause here to say that I might have a tiny rebellious streak a mile wide. To some of you this is not a news flash, but if you tell me "Oh, it's all the rage" or "everyone is doing it" then I always had one answer. "Then count me out."

I don't know why. I was born like this. You say "no", I dig my heels in and say "YES".

Never once did I hear my parents say, "If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you jump too??!"  Because they knew the answer I'd give them. "Oh? Everyone's doing it? Then hell no. I want no part."

I have always gone against the current. And when I heard that, "Everyone's into it" it really caused me to pause and grit my teeth and in pure desperation I still moved ahead. Because I WAS SO OVER THE VOMITING. If one more person in my house got sick I was moving out.

Against every fiber in my body I went to a Young Living Essential Oil party. I tried every way imaginable to come up with an alternative way to find out more about these oils but then the host of the party told me they were serving mimosas. Game over. I'm in. You had me at mimosa.

I went and learned ALOT. And now I am sold. Hook, line and sinker I am an Essential Oil Hippy. Don't get an illness around me or I'm slathering you in an oil. Sneeze or look cross-eyed at me and I'm whipping out the oils. I KID YOU NOT. And friends, you must know, I am a cynical, doubting, painfully sarcastic, oh-yeah-prove-it kind of girl.

When I started with the oils, I started with just a couple and put them to the test.

I put the oils on the boys and they haven't been sick since we started using them. PEOPLE, WE ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF A MIRACLE HERE.

If that doesn't convince you then you don't realize how constantly everyone was sick up in my house because apparently they were licking each other's faces all the time.

But I hesitated to put the oils on my daughter because she is tiny. She's little and she's underweight. She was a failure-to-thrive baby and has always struggled with health issues and especially bladder problems. The very first time I put Thieves Essential Oil on her, her bladder issues began to resolve.

I was shocked.

So I ordered more and read everything I could get my hands on. I am convinced. I partly think it's due to God's meticulous, beautiful design in this world and I partly think we've over-used antibiotics and our bodies are no longer responding the same to western drugs. I believe these oils are working where chemicals and drugs are failing due to "super bugs" and over use.

If you are interested in giving them a try I wanted to make it a little easier for you. At first it can be overwhelming but if you wanted to try, I have some thoughts.

You can jump in and order the Premium Kit from Young Living (which is my recommended brand for purity and quality) and with this link you get it at a discounted price (just choose Premium Starter Kit). It has EVERYTHING you need to get started. A diffuser, 11 of the essential oils (stress-away is a bonus) and much more. Here is a chart of what you'd get in the Premium Kit and what they can be used for.(click image to enlarge)

Or you can order a few of the oils and see what you think. If I had to order just three, I'd order
Frankincense- used for immunity, infections, depression, skin care, anxiety....(not mention it was Jesus' oil)
Thieves-colds, flu, viruses, headaches, strep, germs...
Lavender- allergies, calming, bruises, cuts, insomnia, bug bites...

If you are interested in ordering something, here is a link to use to get a discount. Just fill in your info and then scroll down and choose no thank you (to the kits) and you can order individual oils. Also, email me and I can send you more info.

I truly believe that God so perfectly designed this world and there are His treasures and majesty within every inch. I believe He gave doctors minds to help and heal and He also gave healing qualities within His creation.

I am happy to send you more info. Feel free to email me at


Tyne said...

Praise God. Seriously, I have been praising Him for these EOs. Just shared on Facebook

joy said...

Love my oils!